2018 oktoberfest

While the calendar says its fall, Mother Nature has extended the summer-like weather. This was just what was needed to ensure the enjoyment of Oktoberfest activities around Moon Lake.

Work Party
Yes, working can still be a party. Many members gathered to conduct road repair and maintenance for the winter season, this required revving up the machines to dig ditches and flexing the muscles to work the shovels for drain clearing and road grading. The sunny blue sky made it pleasurable to be outside. The collaboration and comradery of the volunteers made the workday go quickly.

The Annual Covered Bridge Festival and Craft Fair at Knobel’s was bigger and better than ever this year. While the main attraction of the event is admiring the handy work of skilled craftsmen and artists, the amusements are a favorite as well, especially for the young, both in age and at heart. A tip for those attending the event next year, ride the Ferris wheel for spectacular views of the fall foliage.

Weather working, crafting, or riding the amusements, one thing was certain-everyone had built an appetite. As luck would have it, the annual Oktoberfest Feast was taking place at the pavilion Saturday night. There was something for everyone, kielbasa and sauerkraut, roasted pork and potatoes, Moon Lake Stew, chicken wings, soft pretzels and sweet potato salad. A selection of beverages for all ages and a choice of deserts including brownies and raspberry cupcakes filled out the menu. As the evening breeze chilled the pavilion a crackling fire was set a glow to warm the revelers before they retired to their cottages to dream of next year’s celebration.

fair dinner

July 4th Wekend 2017

Summertime Fun and Memories Abound

Everyone was eagerly anticipating the 4th of July festivities this year for two reasons. The inaugural Family Fun Day and the renowned Thunder Over the Lake fireworks display. Despite some rain delays, all activities occurred and were enjoyed by everyone, even the furry friends of the community.

Family Fun Day had something for everyone: picnic favorites, such as hamburgers and hot dogs, and original creations, including handmade curly fries and sweet treats. While playing the numerous games of chance and skill water ice was on hand to help the players stay cool under pressure. If being on the water was your fancy, you could explore the lake in a kayak, row boat, paddle boat and even a few brave souls tried paddle boarding.

With all these activities you might think it would be hard to stay awake for the nights sky show. That wasn’t a problem because the weather intervened and the light extravaganza was moved to the next day, giving the revelers time to rejuvenate. As Sunday’s twilight turned to dusk the peaceful glow of lights floated into the air from the Chinese Lanterns set aloft. As the lanterns drifted on the sounds of patriotic favorites filled the valley and were soon to be followed by the booming sound of fireworks and their mesmerizing glimmer and glow.

A Special Thanks to Seth and Friends for Putting on another Outstanding Display and To The Good Will fire company of Port Carbon for their use of Engine 59-10 as fire protection for the show.


Photos From Family Day

See the Lanterns and Firework Photos

Watch The Fireworks Video


Memorial Day 2017

Although Memorial Day is the unofficial start of summer, the weather this weekend felt more like early-Spring. this did not hinder enjoying the outdoors and exploring all of the natural wonders around the lake. The trail to the waterfall was a magical adventure that even the millipedes were actively exploring. Summer 2017 promises to be another fun-filled and memory-making time at Moon Lake.

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End of Summer Work Party

On Saturday September 17th Moon Lake held a work party to spruce up the grove and make improvements to the roads. Starting at 9:00 am the troops had a healthy breakfast including essentials such as coffee and donuts. Properly energized they headed to the dam over flow catch basin and removed debri that would impede the flow of water. The heavy machinery the rolled in placing large stones along the closed off lower section of Lake Drive to prevent vehicles from taking the road less traveled. Signs stating the one ton limit on the Lake Drive Bridge and the prohibition against commercial vehicles were installed at both ends of the ramp. An example of the sign is shown below. While the signs went up the overgrown bushes came down. The Stihl infantry attached the weeds and overgrown shrubbery reopening the path around the lake. Thank you to everyone who participated and if you did not get a chance to join the party this time we look forward to seeing you at an upcoming engagement.



Hegins Fair

The cool weather put everyone in the mood for autumn and all the accompanying delights. What better way to enjoy them than at the Hegins Valley Arts & Crafts Fair in the tranquil wooded area of Hegins Park. With wares from over 200 craftsmen and an array of food vendors there was plenty to see and savor as one strolled the grounds and possibly got a head start on our Holiday shopping. If you couldn’t make it this year, put it on your calendar for next as a must on your craft show circuit; it is always the 3rd Saturday in September.

Hegins Park is located approximately six miles west on Route 25 from Exit 112 on I-81 in western Schuylkill County



Schuylkill County Fair 2016

Moon Lake to the fair we went… there were tractors being towed by big rigs and double-wheeled pickups.  I later realized that every tractor was an antique. When we pulled onto the dirt road entrance of the fair, we saw tractors galore, and not just any tractors, old John Deere’s, Fords, and many more.  The “Tractor Pull” was first on the list. They even had one guy that had such a powerful tractor, that he was in a class of his own.  His name was Dean Newhart, and his tractor could be heard on the other side of the fair, it was so loud he had to wear a full-face helmet to keep from popping his eardrums.  It even had a roll cage.  After a couple rounds of the tractors, we headed to the rides.  My personal favorite was called “The Star Ship,” and it whirled around so fast that you could lay on the wall of the ride.  It was so fast that you couldn’t even lift up your arms.  Another one was called the “Yoyo” which was an elevated swing on steroids…  There were other booths for prizes and games, and even an open barn where you could see cows, lamas, and goats.  They had a baby cow that was born the day before; he was the cutest thing you could ever imagine.  But after a long day of fun and play, we got in the car, and headed home, to Moon Lake, with our caramel apples and shaved ice…

DCNM–August 2016

Watch the tractor Pull

Visit the Fair


This Year’s 4th of July Celebration Was Over The Moon!

On this 4th of July celebration of 2016, the clouds took the day off. The breeze pleased, and the starry, night sky was painted with colorful, shimmering balls of fire, as Moon Lake mirrored the spectacle. And least we forget, that this year a real live opera superstar sang the Star Spangled Banner.
As always, everyone agreed to a declaration of fun — friends and family gathered for the community luncheon, offering an array of food and libations for everyone to enjoy, including fried chicken, barbecue, and salads, topped off with scrumptious desserts. Afternoon and evening was abounding with bike riding, lake strolling, and neighbors chatting. Lakeside fires warmed everyone's hearts, as chairs and blankets gathered, and the dueling vuvuzela, led by a guest performer, and grass kazoo entertained. All told, this grand celebrate of America’s independence was filled with unforgettable moments that turned into memories of fun. 


Photos From the Day

Thunder over the lake video


Winter 2016 Snow Birds



Click to See Who Stuck Around

Labor Day 2015 At Moon Lake


Labor Day 2015 was true to the name of what Was a long-weekend for many--laboring.  Men and women, children, all participated in a variety of lake improvement activities. Members are now able to sit and enjoy the view from additional more benches placed around the lake, the pavilion parking area has been refurbished, and the brush along Well Drive has been cleared. With all this "laboring", one builds an mighty appetite. Luckily, there were many delicious ways to quiet the rumbling stomachs at the 2nd Annual Barbecue Contest. While everyone enjoyed the buffet bonanza, Kristen Santos's chicken was recognized as the finest in the grove and she was bestowed with the trophy for best dish. After wishing Ed Klimas many happy returns on his birthday, the day became night and the glow of a fire warmed those at the end of another fun and productive-filled day at the lake.      

Click To See The Labor Day
Work Party And Barbecue


July 4th Weekend

Cool air and rain greeted those awakening at Moon Lake to celebrate America's birthday. Despite the gloomy outlook spirits were high and everyone was optimistic that the day would not be a wash. As family and friends began to gather at the pavilion for the picnic the rain subsided and a buzz of excitement could be heard and felt around the grove. The afternoon was full of activities including fishing, swimming and boating. Everyone was relaxing except for the fireworks team; they were busy staging for the Pyrotechnic Extravaganza.  As evening came, the skies continued to clear, and by nightfall the sky was ablaze with a whirl of lights and sound -- truly the best show the Grove has witnessed!



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2014 Oktoberfest Festivities

While the annual Covered Bridge Festival was occurring at Knobels, the volunteers of Moon Lake were busy covering our bridge. Members are now able to enjoy shelter from the sun and rain under our Covered Bridge as they stroll around the lake.
Later in the day, kitchens bustled as scrumptious selection of fall favorites were being prepared. As evening and a cool autumn breeze arrived, it was time to enjoy the 2nd Annual Oktoberfest. Friends and family gathered to enjoy a smörgåsbord fit for a king--pulled pork, bratwurst, squash periogi, potato salad, and sweets to please every taste bud. With appetites filled, the remainder of the evening was spent sharing traditional beverages and conversing by the warm glow of the fire. 

See The Roof Go Up


Watch The Food Go Down

2014 Labor Day Work at the Lake


Labor Day Weekend is typically a time of rest and relaxation to honor the countries working men and women. At Moon Lake we like to do things a little differently. Starting at 8:00 am Saturday morning a motley crew of carpenters, painters, landscapers, lumberjacks, road workers and bridge builders descended on the grove to spruce up the grounds.

Projects included Installation of a rustic cross roads sign, The Addition of a bench along the new walk. Construction of a second boat rack, the ever popular filling potholes, felling of a dead tree and continued work towards the completion of the Walking Bridge.

Thanks to everyone who helped out and if you missed the fun we look forward to seeing at a future event.

Click Here to See the Work Party and Barbecue Photos

BBQ Cook-Off Champions

While the exact details of the recipe remain a family secrete Christal offers a couple of hints to those wishing to cook a winning BBQ chicken.

"You want to cook the chicken slow on the grill. This way it stays very moist.  When it is almost finished you apply the Barbecue sauce to one side, after about 5 mins turn it over and apply to other side.  You can use any type of barbecue sauce.  Ours is a family secret so I can not give away that part. Cook time approx. 1 hour on the grill."

Click the links below to try out some recipes from other top chefs


Thunder Over the Lake 2014


The much anticipated 2014 Independence Day celebration at Moon Lake once again exceeded all expectations. Glorious weather served as the backdrop for the festivities. The lunchtime pot luck gathering was a freedom feast, with hot dogs, cheeseburgers, grilled chicken, barbecued pork, hot and cold salads, and scrumptious desserts. In addition to the culinary delights, members caught up with their friends and neighbors, some of whom had not seen each other since last year. After appetites were satisfied, afternoon activities such as lakeside strolls, boating, swimming, and fishing helped make room for dinner with family. As dusk arrived, anticipation for the upcoming storm was palpable. The young and young-at-heart secured their spots throughout the grove to ensure the best view of the show. When darkness descended, the lake was relit by the brilliantly bright and colorful glow of fireworks. Spectators were amazed as the county’s best pyrotechnic display rocketed skyward. When the explosions went quiet, the air was filled with expressions of gratitude to Seth and Crew for the memories of 2014 and visions of Thunder Over the Lake 2015.

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Spring 2014 Bursting with Color and Life


Strolling around Moon Lake this Spring you may think you are looking through a kaleidoscope. Fortunately, what you are seeing in the grove are not colored bits of glass reflecting off of mirrors, but the actual beauty and wonder of nature. The Lake is bursting with life as well, not only of the residents enjoying sun-filled days and evenings by the fire, but also the birds, bunnies, bees and other wildlife who call the lake home. All of us are ready to forget the long snow-filled winter and delight in the fun and memories that await us this Summer at the lake.

Fall Work Party

A Little over two years ago, the worst storm to hit the area in over a century struck Moon Lake. The flooding took out the covered bridge which spanned Deep Creek. Last weekend, through the skill and sweat of Moon Lake Volunteers the first phase of returning the walking bridge to its former glory was completed.

The steel frame of the Bridge was straightened and secured in its new higher position. The Bridge decking was installed and the first members crossed the newly opened span.

Next Spring phase two of the project will continue with the installation of the side rails and roof. Click the link above the pictures to see your neighbors in action


Click Here to Watch The Build

We’ve Been Working

Click Here To See photos

On the morning of August 10th, members of the community gathered at the Pavilion to launch the Summer 2013 Work Party.  Talents and tools of all kinds were needed to complete the various projects. At the north-end of the lake chain saws were busy preparing the area for the walking bridge restoration, while at the south-end master carpenters repaired rotten timbers on the Gazebo, thus improving its safety and appearance. The parking area was spruced-up with the removal of the dilapidated basketball nets. Not only were things cleared, cut, and fixed, but things were created, with the establishment of the Moon Lake Memorial Garden.  At the corner of King Fisher and Lake Drive members can find respite on the newly installed  benches and be soothed by the flapping of Old Glory.  After successful completion of the projects, appetites from the day’s activities were satisfied with Bill’s Famous BBQ. Thank you to all the volunteers who contributed their time, talent, and tools for another productive Work Party.

July 6th 2013 Independence day celebration declared best ever by moon lake residents



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Family + Friends + Food + Fireworks = 4 x FUN


This equation proved true once again at Moon Lake’s celebration of our country’s independence.

In the morning, the community gathered for the annual membership meeting, which included welcoming new members, discussing the progress of the lake improvement projects, and planning for the lake’s promising future. With business matters completed and a sun-filled sky calling, family and friends partook in a variety of activities, from taking leisurely walks around the lake, to admiring the various flowers and wildlife, to boating in a multitude of vessels including a pirate ship, which captivated the imagination of children of all ages.

By early evening, the day’s events helped build a healthy appetite; the pavilion bustled with members seeking nourishment. The July 4th holiday is a time for hot dogs, but this picnic provided many other delicious selections including kielbasa, pulled pork, and barbecued ribs. Even one of our 4-legged companions managed to enjoy some fine culinary selections.

As dusk approached, Seth Lowe and his pyrotechnic A-team began preparations for their most ambitious show to date. Thunder Over the Lake 2013 was a spectacular display of light and sound, and exceeded the high expectations surrounding an event that has become the top highlight of summer at Moon Lake.

As darkness returned to the sky, family and friends gathered around campfires and extended the festivities long into the night. Eventually, the croaking of the bullfrogs was the only remaining sound, while everyone rested from the day of fun and dreamed of next year, when the backdrop for the show will be our newly renovated dam.

Spring Work Party Fills Potholes From Winter That Wouldn't End

Baxter Ensured that OSHA regulations were followed as the crew turned the roads from the moon's surface back into a country lane. Many Thanks to the Volunteers including Jim Kauffman, Garry Laubach, Dan Snyder, Jason Becker, Bill Sims, Ray Moncavage, John Atwood and Mason White.

Click To See The Work Party In Action


Ghost Caught on Film

Click The Chair if You Dare




I am not a good writer.  So forgive me.  I call what happened on a weekend get-away in Moon Lake “weird.”  When I tell people the story they call it “scary”, “freaky”, “unbelievable.”  But this is a true story and it did happen.

I was at Moon Lake in early October 2012 for a weekend get-away with friends.  We were staying at the Angel of the Lake bed and breakfast.  The history of the house is filled with stories of ghosts and spirits who have inhabited the house.  According to the locals, the porch railings are always broken, damaged or “loosened” by the spirits of the house.  At first I thought it was fun to hear the stories but my opinion changed after I had a run-in with one of them.

We were on the porch getting ready to head out for a day of shopping at the Knoebels’ craft fair. My friend and decided to pose for a few pictures before heading off to the fair.  The chair next to us was moving on its own.  I started shaking. it really scared me.  I fumbled with my camera to catch it on film – which we did.  But, then, all of a sudden, something grabbed my wrist and I dropped the camera.  I was pretty freaked out.  It felt like someone grabbed my wrist and shook it until I dropped the camera. 

I am not a big believer in this stuff but I am telling you…something made me drop my camera.  Ghost stories are fun…until they happen to you.

Moon Lake
Work Party
Fall 2012

Not only did Saturday, September 15, bring blue skies, breezes, and sunshine, but it also brought neighbors together for a day of fun otherwise known as the “fall work party”. Their hard work involved tending to several areas around the lake. In the pavilion area, old tree stumps were removed. along Rosie's lane and bass Drive brush was trimmed from the roads. Manpower alone did not accomplish these tasks, the group was supported by the loan of motorized vehicles including tractors, trucks and backhoes graciously loaned by association members. The work party maintained their stamina by enjoying a fortifying lunch of homemade barbeque and beans, as well as conversation about days gone by and fun times ahead at the lake. Thank you, to all who contributed toward the maintenance and beautification of Moon Lake.

Watch Us Work


Tractors, and Thrashers, and Sawmills Oh My!

The Gratz Area Antique Farm Machinery Show celebrated its 20th anniversary on the weekend of July 20. Although the festivities officially began on Friday, it was the Saturday-morning (10 am) parade down Gratz’s Main Street that really got the party rollin’. The event was well represented by local residents and guests from as far west as Missouri. Afterward, the fairground was the place to be. Wandering that area placed you in the middle of a who’s who of tractors, with machinery by Allis-Chalmers, Cockshutt, Ford, International Harvester, John Deer, Massey-Harris, Minneapolis-Moline, and Oliver. Perhaps the most impressive, the Aultman-Taylor and Frick and Company steam tractors, still ran like finely tuned German sports cars, even though they were over 100 years old. The steel horses were also seen in action during the skills competition and tractor pull. Other live events included demonstrations of a portable sawmill and wheat thrasher. All the activity built an appetite fully satisfied with a chicken barbeque and homemade ice cream in 6 flavors! Don’t let it be said that farm equipment can’t be fun.

Farm Machine Photos

Tour de Grove

No, that wasn’t a vision of the Tour de France you experienced on Sunday, July 8. It was the Locust Lake Road Riders, a local bicycle club, starting the “Tour de Grove” at the foot of Buckhorn Mountain. A steady pace was set for the 34-mile tour through Barry, Hegins, and Hubley townships, with a rest stop in Sacramento. The route passed through rolling hills, farm land, Deep Creek Valley, and climbs associated with various mountain summits and peaks encircling the area. Riders began to break away as they neared the arches opening into the grove and anticipated an afternoon of food, drink, and camaraderie. Bike club members include Bim Angst, Saint Clair; Joe Nolter, Mahanoy City; Bob Schrepple, Park Crest; George Wenzel, Quakake; Susan Barrows, Schuylkill Haven; Pete Oswald, Girardville; Cara and Bill Turner, Mill Creek; Herb Rose and John Kessler, Ashland; Brenden and Austin McCormick, Valley View; and honorary member Mike Piontkowski, Pottstown.

2012 Tour Photos


Fourth of July Comes Early to Moon Lake

This summer at Moon Lake, the nation’s birthday celebration began on Saturday, June 30th. As early as 6:30 am, several anglers were working toward the first catch of the day. By midday, activity abounded, with swimming emerging as the pastime of choice for friends, family, and fowl. However, caution was in order for these swimmers, boaters, and paddlers, following a pirate ship sighting on the waters. The pavilion was abuzz by 5:00 pm, as the day’s activities made for hearty appetites and stimulated the sharing of the day’s adventures. With satisfied taste buds and anticipation of a command performance from the Fireworks Team, the crowd began to settle around the lake. With a light breeze, the moon overhead, and roving patriotic music, the sky was soon ablaze with fireworks. The familiar buzzing of the vuvuzela and grass blade kazoo was one of the many expressions of the community’s awe and wonderment at the dazzling spectacle overhead.
Our thanks to Seth Lowe and the entire fireworks team, who volunteered their time and resources to produce the pyrotechnic bonanza viewed that evening. Also, thanks to those who contributed to the purchase of the fireworks and helped Lou decorate the pavilion. The Moon Lake community offers its sincere gratitude to all who assured a festive and enjoyable celebration of the holiday through your hospitality and patriotic expression around the lake.

2012 Holiday Weekend



See The fire


Watch The Fireworks



Annual Moon Lake Memorial Day
Flower Show

The Memorial Day rain showers brought out the Wild and Domesticated flowers around the lake and provided a splash of colors which can only be surpassed by the much anticipated June 30th pyro-techniques display.

If any flower has been overlooked please send its photo and we will be sure to add it to an upcoming display.


Click To See The Flowers

Recent Snow Catches

Moon Lake Residents

By Surprise


Click To See The Winter Preview


The Great Pottsville

Cruise 2011

The 18th Annual Great Pottsville Car Cruise sponsored by the Lions Club was held August 11-14. Several residents of the Moon Lake Community attended and reported that a little bit of rain did not dampen the spirits at this classic local event.

On Saturday night, I attended the Coney Island Cruise-in & Car Show with the Big Ski whose Honda Civic will soon become a classic car by modern standards. After chillin' to tunes by the band Shake rattle and roll we stopped by the sponsors table to share some of our vast automotive knowledge with Dennis Gage star of TV's "My Classic Car".

Check out the photos from Saturday evening in the slide show on the right and if you would like learn more about the event click on the link below.


Click To See The Cars



July 4th 2011 Weekend Celebration at Moon Lake — What a Blast!

Although the festivities did not officially begin until Sunday evening, Moon Lake was buzzing with activity all weekend long with fishing, swimming, bike riding, wiffle ball, dog walking, and visiting with friends and family—and, by nightfall, with previews of the fireworks to come. The pavilion came alive on Sunday at 6:00 pm, as we gathered for a feast our forefathers would have savored. Afterward, we secured our ideal viewing spots and prepared lakeside fires in anticipation of the show of shows. Right on cue, the sky illuminated with a firework extravaganza lasting over 30 minutes that was described as “spectacular,” “brilliant,” “fabulous,” “best ever.” The community’s enthusiasm was audible, with much hoopla and shouts of appreciation, as well as the melody of the vuvuzela and grass blade kazoo echoing off the mountain side. The evening’s events were made that much more memorable through the presence of Senator David G. Argall as our honored guest.

This amazing display would not have been possible without Seth Lowe, Jason Becker and the entire Fireworks Team, who volunteered their time and resources. Also, thank you to everyone who made a donation to support the purchase of the fireworks and those who contributed to the red, white, and blue décor throughout the lake. All of your contributions made this celebration an unforgettable holiday for everyone!!!


click the (3) links below to see photos from

The Picnic

The Fireworks Display

The After Show Clean Up

Moon Lake annual summer “sprucing-up” work day .

Lawn mowers, paintbrushes, rakes, and elbow grease—just a few of the things you may have seen if you passed the main entrance to Moon Lake on Saturday, August 13. After enjoying some coffee and donuts, the Work Party got busy revitalizing the archway and surrounding grounds. Sharing stories of earlier times at the lake helped pass the time, and we broke for a lunch of homemade sloppy joe and fresh fruit. Before we knew it the work day had reached its end. Thanks to all who offered their time, energy, and resources to the summer spruce-up; we’ll appreciate your efforts each time we come to the lake!


Click To Watch The Workers

Spring Has returned to moonlake

Hope Springs Eternal at moonlake and so do the flowers. share your photos art work or stories of rebirth with your friends in the grove.

Spring 2011 Video

New Years Eve 2010

Moon lake celebrated New Years Eve in style once again this year with the annual sandbar bonfire. Festivities kicked off around 9:00 PM with Hors d'oeuvres and mixed drinks and culminated at midnight with the best fireworks display in the valley.

New YEars

New Years Eve Video Clip

Moon Lake Bird Sanctuary

Why fly south for the winter when you can avoid the trip. The weather outside may be freezing but who cares when you have your own down jacket

Mr Duck


Birds of moon lake video


2010 Pottsville Car Cruise

Located just ten minutes from Moon Lake is the City of Pottsville. For the past seventeen years, thousands of vehicles and tens of thousands of spectators have gathered on the streets to take part in the annual Great Pottsville Car Cruise. The photos shown here are from the Saturday Night Cruise near the downtown Coney Island location.


Car Cruise Photos or Movie

Car Show

For more information on the history of the cruise and photos from past years visit

July 4th 2010

View July 4th Show

“Standing room only” is how Lou Puketza described the crowd that meandered to the lakefront for fireworks July 3rd. Quite a happy display—of lights, and of community, punctuated by cheers and applause between big booms. Our thanks to the fireworks guys Jim Leffler, Jason Becker and Seth Lowe. After the light show, the big sound of Mike Piontkowski’s vuvuzela echoed off the mountain, answered sweetly by the surprisingly far-carrying grass-blade-in-thumbs whistle of Cathy Kauffman.  The young guys did get that four-wheeler out of the mud, and the lake mirrored the mountain, the lighter sky, cabin campfires, and a bazillion bright stars.



Moon Lake Botanical Society 2010


Buds? Stems? Seeds? Blooms for sure. Take the extra time to look at flowers and other botanicals as you walk around the lake.

Botanical Slide Show or Movie




Catching Bubba and the Making of a New Bassmaster

As Told to Cathy Kauffman by Her Son Dan

Bill Dyer, son of Anne Dyer, and his family were vacationing at Anne's cottage the same week that Dan happened to be staying next door.  Bill and Dan had never met but struck up a conversation and soon became friends, especially when they discovered they both loved to fish.  Bill's been fishing at Moon Lake since childhood. Bill wound up teaching Dan quite a bit about fishing that week, and introduced Dan to "night fishing."  The first night they fished till 1 a.m., the second night till 3 a.m., and by the end of the week, until the sun rose .

Bill and Dan made several trips to the bait store that week as they kept running out of minnows, and all the while, Bill (the true Bassmaster) shared his fishing secrets. The two fishermen didn't have much luck the first two nights.  But the third night out, Dan caught "the big one" down near the dam a 9-pound bass.  Bill and Dan kept the fish alive while they rowed back to the cottage to grab the camera.  This was the biggest large-mouth bass Dan had ever caught, and the largest the Bill had ever seen at Moon Lake.

The second fish was caught off Mom’s dock later that week. Rumor has it that this fish is the one known as "Bubba" by the residents of Moonlake. He weighed in at around 5 pounds, 10 ounces. As Dan returned Bubba to the lake the fish winked and moved his giant bass lips. There were no Large Mouth Bass translators on the boat that night but in the opinion of most residents Bubba said “Thanks for the good fight and I’ll see you next summer.”



1st Annual Fishing Derby Winner Luke Kenney

Moon Lake Supports Local Fire Companies



See Dry Hydrant in Service




Luke Kenney, of Haddon Township, NJ, won the First Annual Fishing Derby at Moon Lake. He has been fishing with his Dad since he was 4 years old and really loves it. Luke prefers to use hot dogs or worms as bait but this weekend he felt the conditions were right for American cheese squares. Luke and his parents are looking forward to next years visit to Moon Lake and a possible title defense. A special thanks to the members of the association and organizers of the derby for sharing the Moon Lake experience with the next generation.


Derby Winner



Faye Says: " I know there must be some more dogs out there that want to be a star"

Send Your Dog's Name and Photo to life@moonlakecottages.com

See Dogs of Moon Lake Gallery


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